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War Diary for 3rd Airlanding Anti-Tank Bty R.A.


February 1944

1st – Gosport
Unit mobilized for service overseas.

1st – Lydd
Bty firing at LYDD (No 5 A/Tk Range) Firing at Diagonal Crossers. Bty average was 54%. High wind prevailing.

2nd – Lydd
Bty firing at LYDD continued with Jinkers. Bty percentage was 72%. High wind still prevailing.

3rd – Lydd
High wind

4th – Lydd
Bty practice at LYDD concluded with Battle practice - average 64%.

1930  Bty returned by rail to Bulford.

5th - Bulford
0240  Bty arrived at Bulford and unloaded guns and vehicles.
0700  Bty moved off to load gliders for Ex CO-OPERATION (3 Para Bde) at HURN & TARRANT RUSHTON. Two

           troops from 4th Air Ldg A/Tk Bty RA attached for exercise.
2230  3 ORs joined from 94th A/Tk Regt RA. All immatures - posted to Home Details.
1200  AFW 3008 3009 rendered.

6th - Bulford
0700  Met report from 3 Para Bde confirming weather fit for flying.
1300  Move to HURN and TARRANT RUSHTON airfields.
1700  Bty took off for Ex "CO-OPERATION"
1800  Bty landed at OATLANDS HILL (OS 1" to 1 mile Sheet 122 5260) and moved to take up defensive

           positions in support of 3 Para Bde in area SOUTH NEWTON (5355).

7th – South Newton
0330  Bty reported in position. Casualties NIL. Ammo expenditure NIL. Fighting strength - 7 Officers and 174

1300  Bty covers retreat of 3 Para Bde to area Stonehenge (5562). A and B Tps take up intermediate position

           with 8 Para Bn at DRUIDS LODGE (5359).
1400  C and D Tps move back with 1 Canadian Para Bn and 9 Para Bn respectively.
1630  Ex CO-OPERATION concluded at DRUIDS LODGE. Bty returned to barracks. Casualties - NIL.

7th – Bulford
1 OR posted to x (ii) List from Home Details.

8th – Bulford
Bty engages on maintenance of guns and vehicles after firing practice and Exercise CO-OPERATION.

9th – Bulford
Heavy rain.

10th – Bulford
0945  Final Conference on Exercise CO-OPERATION.
1819  2 ORs joined from 7th Med Rgt RA.

11th – Bulford
1100  Lecture to Officers and NCOs by CRA.
1415  Lecture to Bty by CAPT G.E. INSTONE M.M. made available by MI9 on "Conduct if cut off from unit or


12th – Bulford
0805  Bty proceeded on leave until 2359 hr 21 Feb 44.
1200  AF W3008, 3009 rendered.

13th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

14th – Bulford
10 Drivers reported with jeeps to 1 airborne Div for an exercise. Lieut R.B. LYDEARD posted to 88th A/Tk Regt RA.

1930  Lieut A.J. HALE & Lieut R.L. Graefe joined for duty from 88th A/Tk Regt RA.

15th – 18th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

19th – Bulford
1200  AFs 3008 & 3009 rendered. 10 Drivers returned from attachment to 1 Airnorne Div.

20th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

21st – Bulford
2359  Bty returned from leave.

22nd – Bulford
0800  7 driver and jeeps attached to 53rd Air Ldg Light Regt RA for period of 7 day practice camp at

0001  LIEUT J.E. CASTLETON posted to 88th A/Tk Regt RA.

23rd – Bulford
Nothing to report. Normal training in progress.

24th – Bulford
0800  Sten Firing carried out on "G" Range. Visibility good.

25th – Bulford
1030  Lecture to Bty on German uniforms.
1500  15 men competed in Div Cross-country. Unit occupied position of 14th.

26th – Bulford
  3 ORs left for Para Course at AFHU Hardwick and Ringway.
0930  Lecture to officers by Corps Commander.
1045  Lecture to selected NCOs by Corps Commander.
1100  Lieut B W SALT left for Para Course at AFHU HARDWICK and RINGWAY.
1200  AF3008, 3009 rendered.

27th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

28th – Bulford
Bty fired rifles and sten-guns at Bulford "G" range. All rifles zeroed.

29th – Bulford
16 ORs proceeded on 6 pdr maintenance course to R.E.M.E. W/S Greenford.


March 1944


1st – Bulford
Normal training carried out.

2nd – Bulford
Lt Graefe with a detachment, left to instruct Glider Pilots at HAMPSTEAD NORRIS in unloading gliders. S/I allport A.E.C. lectured to the Bty on B.W. & P.

3rd – Bulford
Nothing to report.

4th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

5th – Bulford
0900  Bty fired at diagonal crossers with open sights at BLACKBALL FIRS. Average 55.56%

6th – Bulford
0900  Lt Slater, Lt Hale and four sgts proceeded on a four day mines course with the Divisional R.Es.
0900  Bty fired rifle – practice on Bulford “B” range.

7th – Bulford
0830  Bty took part in a rehearsal for the visit of Gen. Sir Bernard Montgomery K.C.B. D.S.O.

Remainders of day spent in preparing for his inspection.

8th – Bulford Field
0845  Bty formed up as part of 3rd Parachute Bde Group for inspection by Gen. Montgomery.
1030  Inspection completed.

Remainder of day spent in normal training.

9th – Bulford
0001  Wireless Day – all intercommunication with the Division carried out by wireless and D.R.L.S. No

           telephone calls permitted.

10th – Bulford
0001  Wireless Day

11th – Bulford
0900  LT/ Saviour briefed for Ex “Thrust” with 9th Para Bn. A.F.W. 3008 and 3009 submitted.
0001  Wireless Day finished at 23.59 hrs

12th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

13th – Devizes
0930  Lt. Saviour and “D” Troop supported “C” Coy of 8th Para. Bn. On Ex “Tanker I”.

14th – Bulford
0900  Bty fired at BLACKBALL FIRS. Bty average 61%.
0900  Final orders received for Ex “Thrust”.

15th – Bulford
0345  Lt. Saviour nand “D” Troop left to take part in Ex “Thurst” with 9th Para Bn.
1500  D Troop returned from Ex “Thrust”.

16th – 17th - Bulford
Nothing to report.

18th – Bulford
Bty loaded vehicles and trailers as per “Hard Scale”.

19th – Brize Norton
0500  Bty (A and B Troops) loaded gliders preparatory to flying.

19th – Harwell
  B.H.Q. C and D Troops loaded gliders preparatory to flying.

20th – Brize Norton & Harwell
1430  Bty became airborne at commencement of Ex. BIZZ I. Weather – fair but slight wind.

20th – Alvescott
1800  Ex BIZZ I postponed for 24 hrs.

21st – Alvescott
2130  Ex BIZZ I commenced.

22nd – Faringdon
0200  Bty moved to take up position under comd. 5th Para Bde in area 7318 (Sheet 1" to 1 mile 104).
0600  Casualties NIL. Amm expenditure NIL. Fighting strength – 6 and 115.
1400  On relief by 4th Division 5th Para Bde with Bty in support of 7th Para Bn moved to defensive position

           around GREAT COXWELL (OS 1" to mile Sheet 104) 7113.

23rd – Faringdon
0600  Casualties – No offcrs 90 ORs.
1030  Ex BIZZ I concluded. Bty returned to barracks.

24th – Bulford
Bty engaged on maintenance of guns and vehicles after Ex. BIZZ I.

25th – Bulford
0830  Loading of vehicles and trailers commenced for Ex BIZZ II. A.F.W. 3008 and 3009 submitted.
1330  B.H.Q. B and D Troops moved off into R.U.R. column to area FARINGDON. A and C Troops moved off with

           2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire L.I and 12 Devons respectively to same area.
2130  On commencement Ex BIZZ II B and D Troops under comd. 1st R.U.R, C Troop u/c 12 Devons, A Troop

           u/c 2 O.B.L.I occupied positions in areas 7117, 7416 and 7219. (OS 1" to 1 mile Sheet 104).

26th – Bulford
0600  Casualties NIL. Fighting strength 6 and 100.
1800  On relief by 4th Division, Bty under command 6th Airlanding Bde. Took up positions BADBURY HILL 7014,

           COLESHILL 6814, BURY HILL 6716 (OS 1" to 1 mile sheet 104).

27th – Bulford
0700  Casualties Offrs NIL, ORs – wounded 2, missing 1. Fighting strength 6 and 97.
1200  Ex BIZZ II concluded.
1915  Bty arrived back in barracks.

28th – Bulford
0900 – 1700  Bty engaged on Administration after exercise.

29th – Bulford
0830 – 1700  Normal training.

30th – Bulford
0830  Advance Party left to take over FARGO CAMP LARKHILL. Marlborough Barracks handed over to 1st Air

           Ldg Light Regt RA. Bty preparing for move.

31st – Bulford
0830  Bty moved to FARGO CAMP LARKHILL.
1100  Officers, BSM and 50% Sgts attend final conference on Ex BIZZ.
April 1944
1st – Larkhill
1100  Bty proceeded on 36-hour leave.
1200  AFs W3008, 3009 rendered.

2nd – Larkhill
Nothing to report.

3rd – Larkhill
0900  Bty firing practice at Blackball Firs Larkhill. Heavy rain. A large amount of shooting was done over open


4th – Larkhill
0900 – 1700  Normal training.

5th – Larkhill
0900 – 1700  Bty loading for Ex "TROUSERS"

6th – Larkhill
0715  Bty left for Ex Trousers, leaving minimum rear HQ at BULFORD.

6th – Westwalk North
1200  Bty arrived In Marshalling Sub-area (OS 1" to 1 mile Sheet 132 0232).

7th – Westwalk North
1000  Briefing Conference. Bty split into 3 craft-loads: (a) Bty commanders, 3 officers and 49 ORs, with half of

           Bty tpt and equipments; (b) Capt Jordan, 4 Offrs, 1 W.O. and 47 ORs with remainder of transport &

           equipments; (c) Lieut A.J. Hale and a marching party of 37 ORs. (a) party to move at 0800 hrs 8 Apr; (b)

           party to move at 1600 hrs 8 Apr; (c) party to move on 11 Apr.
2345  Move of (a) party postponed 6 hours.

8th – Westwalk North
1345  (a) party had orders to leave behind 27 ORs for a later craft, and moved with a total strength of 4 offrs

           and 26 ORs with 14 jeeps, 6 trailers, 8 guns and 4 m.cs.

8th – Bulford
1200  AFW 3008, 3009 rendered.

8th – Westwalk North
1600  (b) party moved as arranged.

8th – Southampton
1730  (a) party arrived at marshalling area, Southampton Common.

9th – Southampton
1745  (b) party arrives at Southampton Common.
1200  (a) and (b) parties embarked at Southampton Docks and moved in L.S.T. 80 and 180 respectively to

           RYDE ROADS.

10th – At Sea
Both LSTs at anchor.

11th – At Sea
1730  LSTs 80 & 180 move south of Isle of Wight and thence steam west at 5 knots in calm weather.

11th – Southampton
Marching party – (c) party – embark in LSI.

12th – At Sea
1030  (c) party land on SLAPTON SANDS and moved to assembly area (OS 1” to mile Sheet 145 191704) and

           thence by TCV to dispersal area (area 1886).
1200  (a) and (b) parties prevented from landing by fog.
2300  (a) and (b) parties arrive in Dartmouth harbour.

13th – Dartmouth
0900  (b) party disembark and move to dispersal area (1886).
2130  (a) party disembark and move to dispersal area (1886). Party of 27 ORs of (a) party left at Westwalk

           North returned to LARKHILL.

14th – Buckfastleigh
0830  (c) party returns by rail to FARGO CAMP, LARKHILL.
0915  (b) party returns by road.
1045  (a) party returns by road.

14th – Larkhill
2130  Entire Bty in barracks at LARKHILL.

15th – Larkhill
1200  AFW 3008, 3009 rendered.

16th – Larkhill
0830 – 1900  Bty off duty.

17th – Larkhill
0830 – 1900  Normal training.

18th – Larkhill
0830 – 1900  Preparation for Ex “MUSH”

19th – Larkhill
1040  Bty moves to assembly area PAINSWICK (AS 1” to 1 mile Sheet 103, 3132) for Ex “MUSH”.

20th – Larkhill
1000  Bty briefed for Ex “MUSH”.

21st – Painswick
1200  Bty moved to concentration area OAKLEY WOOD (Sheet 104 4223).
2145  Bty moves to Ex area.

22nd – Painswick
0330  Bty goes into hide in woods DUKES BRAKES (5218)

22nd – Down Ampney
0500  Bty deploys in area North of DOWN AMPNEY (5417)
1500  Enemy attack on Bty position. Casualties awarded by umpires: Bty HQ X Nil and 10; A tp X Nil and 14; B

           Tp X Nil and 24; C Tp X Nil and 6; D Tp X Nil and Nil.
1700  Exercise ends.
1200  AFW 3008, 3009 submitted.
2300  Bty moved to area SHORNCOTE (4717) for night.

23rd – Down Ampney
0730  Bty returns to BULFORD.

24th – Bulford
Bty on administration.

25th – Bulford
0900 – 1700  Bty on administration. Lt R.L GRAEFE & Lt A.J. HALE posted to 94th A/Tk Regt RA.
1819               2/Lt J.H.E. Downe arrives for duty.

26th – Bulford
0800  All jeeps waterproofed for Ex "FABIUS£ to Stages 1 & 2.

27th – Bulford
0800  Bty on normal trg.

28th – Bulford
0830  Normal training.

29th – Bulford
0830  Normal training.
1200  AF 3008, 3009 rendered.

30th – Bulford
Nothing to report.
May 1944
1st – Bulford
Normal training.

2nd - Bulford
1000  Unit notified that it would not participate in Ex “FABIUS” as previously arranged.

3rd - Bulford
Normal training.

4th - Bulford
Four P.U.s and 1 3 ton GS returned to No 25 VRD Shrewsbury.

5th - Bulford
Administration Day within the unit.

6th - Bulford
0830 – 1300  Normal training.
1200               AF 3008, 3009 rendered.

7th - Bulford
0830  5 jeeps waterproofed taken through river and all drivers exercised.

8th - Bulford
0830 – 1700  Normal training.

9th - Bulford
1400  Bty Sports Championship run.

10th - Bulford
0315  All parachute personnel made a night descent with 5 Para Bde from Stirling aircraft.

12th - Bulford
0900  Bty fired Jinkers practice on Blackball Firs A/Tk Range Larkhill.

13th - Bulford
1200  AFW 3008, 3009 rendered.

14th - Bulford
  Bty fired on Blackball Firs Range Larkhill.
           - Battle Practice with 6 pr – all Tps
           - Crossers with 17 pr A & B Tps only
1730  Detachment of 20 ORs under Lieut Salt moved to Salisbury Cathedral for Div Church Parade, marching

           past GOC 6 Airborne Div after the service.
1900  Two 17-prs and portees arrived from Greenford.
2000  Drivers exercise in driving waterproofed vehicles through water – successful.

15th - Bulford
0800 – 1930  Normal training.

16th – Bulford
0700  All jeeps and 4 portees waterproofed.

17th – Bulford
Bty loading all jeeps, trailers and 7 3-tonners on loan from 398 Airborne Comp. Coy RASC.

18th – Bulford
Loading continues.

19th – Bulford
1150  Bty inspected by HM King George VI, the Queen and Princess Elizabeth.
1500  One 3 tonner left to join 5 Para Bde.
1700  Bty witness demonstration of 6 pr SABOT ammunition.

20th – Bulford
0530  Sabot amm. Received. All amm unloaded and changed.
1200  AF 3008, 3009 rendered.
1500  Main body of Bty (82 Ors under B.C. & Lieut Salt) moved to Marshalling Area at CREECH WALK (OS 1” to

           1 mile Sheet 132, 0831). Equipment taken – 23 jeeps, 12 6-pr guns, 11 trailers, 10 cwt, and 2 jeeps &

           trailers attached from 4th Air Ldg A/Tk Bty RA. Personnel remaining at BULFORD consisted of (1) A Tp (4

           x 17 pr) (to move with 4th Air Ldg A/Tl Bty RA); (2) Lieut Hart and 9 ORs (to move remaining 17 prs and

           4 3 tonners) by different routes; (3) Capt Jordan and 3 ORs (Parachute personnel); (4) Sgt Henson and

           marching party of 19 ORs (to move by rail by different route); (5) Lieut Hunter (to move party of 50 ORs

           from 4th Air Ldg A/Tk Bty RA and 53rd Air Ldg Light Regt by rail to CREECH WALK); (6) Capt Woodrow,

           Lieut Hall and 3 ORs (to move later to CREECH WALK by road). (7) Reinforcement party (3 offrs and 21

           ORs). Of remaining 3 tonner are moved at 0830 hrs to join convoy and one awaited orders to move.

           8th Air Ldg LAD split up and amalgamated largely with 9th Air Ldg LAD.

20th – Creech Walk
2015  Bty arrives in Marshalling Area.

21st – Creech Walk
0330  Lieut Hunter arrives with party of 4th A/L A/Tk Bty and 53rd A/L Lt Regt RA.
0900  Bty on maintenance.

22nd – 24th – Creech Walk
Normal training.

1400  Lecture by CRA on future plans.

24th – Bulford
Lieut C F Hart and party leave for marshalling area.

25th – Bulford
Capt Jordan & party leave for Keevil

25th – Creech Walk
Bty on normal training.

25th – Bulford
Lieut J.E. Madocks left for Tarrant Rushton.

26th – Creech Walk
0001  Camp sealed. Normal trg within camp.

27th – Creech Walk
1200  AF W 3008, 3009 rendered.
2215  Remaining personnel (Capt Woodrow & Lt Hall & 3 ORs) arrived with 2 Civilian Affairs Offrs.

28th – Creech Walk
0600  All NCOs (Bdr & above) briefed. Training in mine-clearing.
1400  Lt. Col ADM Teacher & Lt Col Sheppard arrive (to travel with Unit). Unit now has under command (for

           movement only) 34 ORs of 4th Air Ldg A/Tk Bty; 24 ORs 211 A/L Light Bty RA; 8 ORs 3rd FOB Unit.

29th – Creech Walk
Normal training.

30th – Creech Walk
  Bty moves to WESTWALK NORTH Marshalling area (OS 1” to 1 mile, Sheet 132, 0233) in 4 serials (LST

           381 – 51 persons; LST 382 – 40 persons; LST 383 – 36 persons; LST 384 – 34 persons).

31st – Westwalk North
Stables and waterproofing Stage 2(1).

June 1944
1st – Gosport
0600  Battery arrives to embark.
1500  Battery completely embarked on LSTs.
1700  LSTs move to Ryde Roads.

2nd – At Sea
At anchor.

3rd – At Sea
At anchor. AF W3008, 3009 rendered.

4th – At Sea
At anchor.

5th – At Sea
1830  Ship sails; personnel briefed for operation.

6th – Ranville & Lion Sur Mer
0100 Ranville         Para party of 4 dropped near Ranville
0230 Ranville         A Troop less 2 guns land near Ranville by glider
1300 Lion Surmer  Bty commences to disembark and move to assembly area Colville

7th – Colleville & Ranville
0500 Colleville   Battery completely assembled
0600 Colleville   Move to Ranville. Airborne parties met. Casualty and strength return 16 ORs missing and 4

1100 Ranville     Battery Commander wounded by heavy mortar fire and evacuated to MDs. All troops moving

                           to meet tank threat from South.
1400 Ranville     Tank and infantry attack on Bty position South of Ranville. 1 tank destroyed.
1430 Ranville     Reserve guns engaged by mortar and small arms fire at Le Hom ½ mile north of Ranville.
1630 Ranville     Attack beaten off. Enemy retreats to original position.
1700 Ranville     Troops now in support of battalions and formations as follows:-

             A Troop = 2 x 17pds South of Ranville 
             B Troop & 2 guns of D Tp at Langueval (1/50000 7F/2 0871) 
             C Troop at Herouvillette (1272) 
             D Troop (remaining 2 guns) in support of 1 SS Bde in area Le Plein (1275)

2359  Casualties for day – 1OR killed and 3 wounded.

8th – Ranville
Positions held despite intense mortar fire during day (1OR killed, 3 ORs wounded).

1200  2 x D Troop guns moved from Langueval to Herouvillette.

9th – Ranville
0930  Arrival of 4 B Troop 17-pdrs by sea. 12 B Troop personnel relieved in Langueval by detachment 2

           Airlanding LAA Bty.
1000  Sporadic mortar fire.
1100  B Troop in position in Herouvillette
1800  Intense shell-fire followed by infantry assault from South.
2000  Arrival of first personnel of Sgt H..'s party.
2100  Attack beaten off; enemy withdraw.
2359  Total known casualties for day 5 ORs wounded.

10th – Ranville
1100  Enemy attack from East beaten off.
1200  At W3008, 3009 rendered. Total casualties to date – 3 killed, 2 died of wounds, 19 wounded, 16

           missing. Battle accidents 7.
1700  Arrival by sea of missing 17pdr det. of A Troop, which had failed to take off.
2300  Plan to move 5 new guns (6 pdr) into position North of Ranville, manned by this unit and 4th Airlanding

           A/Tk Bty RA, to guard against possible attack from Breville.

11th – Ranville
0330  All new guns in position.
1000  Sporadic shell-fire
1800  Arrival of 2 x 3 tonners.

12th – Ranville
Positions maintained.

13th – Ranville
0100  Air attack on A Troop position. 3 ORs wounded.
1100  HQ heavily shelled.

14th – Ranville
2100  2 guns moved from Herouvillette to join D Troop operating North of Ranville with 1 SS Bde. 1 x 17pdr

           and 1 x 6pdr from South of Ranville together with 4 guns from Langueval move into positions in Breville.

15th – Ranville
Positions maintained; no incidents.

16th – Ranville
0430  Heavy shelling of all position. Lieut J W Hall wounded by splinters. Positions maintained during day.

17th – Ranville
1200  AFW 3008, 3009 rendered.

18th – Ranville
Intermittent shelling. Positions held.

19th – Ranville
Intermittent shelling. Positions held.

1545  Confirmed that totals of tanks destroyed are as follows: 

             A Troop:- 1 PzKW Mark IV Special (7th gun) 
             B Troop:- 2 PzKW Mark IV Special and 1 possible Mark IV (17 June 44) and one possible Armd Car

                            (14 Jun 44) 
             D Troop:- 1 gun of 4th A/L A/Tk Bty RA under command 1 S.P. gun

20th – Ranville
1400  B Troop move to Le Plein, under command 1 SS Bde.

21st – Ranville
0900  C Troop move to Le Mesnil in support 5 Para Bde. A Troop move to area West of Le Mesnil.

22nd – Ranville
Positions maintained.

23rd – Ranville
Heavy shelling of HQ during day.

24th – Ranville
1200  AF W3008, 3009 rendered. Positions maintained.

25th – Ranville
1400  HQ moved to 115758
1000  A Troop and C Troop personnel changed.

26th - 29th - Ranville
Positions maintained.

30th – Ranville
0900  2 x B Troop guns to go into reserve at Ranville & B Troop and 4th A/L A/Tk Bty personnel relieve A

1000  A Troop move into rest area at Ranville.

July 1944
1st - Ranville
1200  AF W3008, 3009 rendered.
1500  A Troop relieve C Troop in support 6th Airlanding Bde
1400  Le Plein A Troop relieve D Troop in Le Plein
1700  Le Mesnil D Troop relieve Berkelay and party

2nd - 4th – Ranville
Positions maintained.

5th – Le Mesnil
0900 B Troop relieved by 4th Air Ldg A/Tk Bty RA move into rest area at Ranville.

6th – Ranville
Positions maintained. 3 Officers and 12 OR reinforcements received. Major J Woodrows takes over command of Battery.

7th – Le Plein & Le Mesnil
1400  Le Plein C Troop relieved by 4th A/L A/Tk Bty RA.
1500  Le Mesnil D Troop relieved by C Troop, proceed to rest area.

7th – Ranville
Capt. J. E. Madocks takes over duties of Battery Capt.

8th - Ranville
1200  AF W3008 3009 rendered. Positions maintained.

9th - Le Mesnil
0815  1OR wounded by mortar fire. Positions maintained.

10th - Ranville
Positions maintained.

10th – Le Mesnil
1700  C Troop positions heavily shelled and mortared.

11th – Ranville & Le Mesnil
0800  Ranville D Troop move to Le Mariquet and relieve A Troop.
0930  Le Mesnil A Troop relieve C Troop.
1100  Ranville C Troop, relieved, arrive in rest area.
1700  Ranville Capt J. E. Jordan leaves unit.

12th – Ranville
0430  Heavy shelling of rest area.
1100  Rest area and rear HQ moved to area 1/3762 (France1/50,000 7F/2). Capt B?? takes over Battery Capt

           & Capt J. E. Madocks becomes 2nd in command.

13th – Ranville
Positions maintained.

14th – Le Mesnil
0900  B Troop relieve A Troop; A Troop move to maintenance area.

15th – Ranville
1200  AF W3008, 3009 rendered. Position maintained.

16th – Ranville
Positions maintained.

17th – Le Mesnil & Le Mariquet & Ecarde
0900  Le Mesnil C Troop relieve B Troop; B Troop move to maintenance area.
0900  Le Mariquet A Troop relieve D Troop; D Troop move to maintenance area.
1700  Ecarde D Troop take up positions in area 1276 between Hauger and R. Orne. B Troop take up positions

           in area 1275 east of Le Plein firing east.

18th - 20th - Ranville
Positions maintained.

21st - Ecarde & Le Mesnil
0900  Ecarde D Troop move to area south of Le Mesnil (1371) and take up position in heavy rain.
1900  Le Mesnil B. C. moves skeleton H.Q. to Le Mesnil.

22nd - Le Mesnil
  AF W3008, 3009 rendered. Positions mainained.

23rd - 27th - Le Mesnil
Positions mainained.

28th - Le Mesnil & Le Plein
0830  Le Mesnil A Troop move from the Le Mariquet to maintenance area.
1800  Le Plein A Troop relieve B Troop.

29th - Le Mesnil
1900  B Troop relieve C Troop; C Troop return to maintenance area.
1200  AF W3008, 3009 rendered. Positions maintained.

30th - Le Mesnil
1200  B. C. moves to Ecarde. Positions maintained.

31st - Ecarde
Positions maintained.

August 1944

1st –
0800 Ecarde       Rearrangement of areas of responsibility between 3rd and 4th Airlanding A/Tk Batterys R.A.
                            Hauger C Troop relieves A Troop of 4thA/L A/Tk Battery R.A.
1800 Le Mesnil   Troarn Road B Troop withdrawn from positions to rest area. D Troop withdrawn from

                            positions to rest area.
1815 Le Mesnil   One Sgt and one gnr wounded by mortar fire during relief of B Troop.
1830 Ecarde       Lt A.T. Saviour and 2/Lt J.H.E. Downe rejoined the Bty from the residues in England.
                            Weather – fine and sunny all day.

2nd – Ecarde & Ranville
0830 Ecarde       Lt A. T. Saviour R.A. takes over duties of L. O.
0830 Ranville      50% B and D Troops take up position. Remainder dig positions ready for occupying but

                            remain in rest area.
2200 Ecarde       Weather – fine and sunny all day.

3rd – Ecarde
Positions maintained. Weather – fine.

4th – Ecarde
1100  2/Lt J.H.E. Downe takes of command B Troop vice Lt. Thompson. Weather fine but occasionally overcast.

5th – Ecarde
1200  AFW 3008 and 3009 rendered. Positions maintained. Weather fine.

6th – Ecarde
Positions maintained. Weather – overcast.

7th – Ranville
1100 Ranville   Positions totally vacated by B Troop and D Troop on returning to rest area.
1400 Troarn     One OR killed by enemy action while occupying a position with a gun detachment of the 4th
                         Airlanding A/Tk Bty.

          Ecarde    Weather – thick haze in the morning. Sunny later.

8th – Ranville
Ranville   D Troop occupy positions in support of 49th Div. Recce Regt.
          Ecarde    Weather – fine.

9th – Ecarde
Positions maintained. 2 Bdrs 8 OR rfts received. Weather - fine and sunny.

10th – Ecarde
Positions maintained. Weather – fine and sunny.

11th – Ecarde
1 Bdr 9 OR rfts eceived. Positions maintained. Weather – fine.

12th – Ecarde
AFW 3008 and 3009 rendered. Positioned maintained. Weather – fine.

13th – Le Plein & Hauger
1000  Positions evacuated by C Troop and A Troop. 2 Detachments. Weather – consistently fine.

14th – Le Plein
1100  2 Detachments A withdrawn to rest area. Weather – fine.

15th – Escoville – Troarn Rd
1400  B Troop plus 2 detachments C Troop relieve 1st Bucks A/Tk Pln in support of 3 Para Bde. Weather –

           fine. Heavy thunder and rain in the evening.

16th – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

17th – Ecarde
1900 Ecarde    C Troop leave maintenance area and join B Troop. Both Troops under Cpt. J. E. Madocks in 
                         support of 3 Para Bde.
2000 Troarn     D Troop consisting of 4 17-pounders and A Troop (2 6-pounders 2 17-pounders) move into

                         area of 4 SS Bde.
2100 Troarn     BC located with 4 SS Bde.

18th – St. Richer
1000  B and C Troops deployed in support of 3 Para Bde.
1500  BC moves to St. Richer with main B.H.Q.
2000  A Troop move into St. Richer.

19th – St. Richer
1 OR killed and 1 OR wounded by shell-fire during night.

0500  B and C Troops move to river Dives in area (246722).
0800  A Troop deployed S. W. of Goistranville. B Troop and C Troop (2 guns only) cross dives under Battery

0900  B Troop and C Troop under heavy mortar fire in area of railway station (242719). 1 jeep destroyed. 6

           ORs wounded. I OR of A Troop wounded.
1200  Remaining 2 guns of C Troop deployed in area (246722).
1200  A.F.W. 3008, 3009 rendered.
1800  Pimot-en-Aig B Troop and 1 gun of C Troop deployed under BC.
1900  St. Richer Two 6 pounders of C Troop, relieved by D Troop return to main B.H.W., under command A


20th – St. Richer
Heavy shelling of D Troop positions during night.

1400  One D Troop gun withdrawn to reserve with B.H.Q. D Troop Sgt. killed by portee running over his chest.
1900  Putot-en-Auge Two six pounders, relieved by 2 17 pounders, return to B.H.Q.
1930  A Troop, on wheels at point 257709 under command 4 SS Bde.

21st – Putot-en-Auge
0500  A Troop move to consolidate in Dozule.
1800  B and D Troops move into concentration area Dozule.

22nd - Dozule
0830  B and D Troops take up position in Annebault in support of 3rd Para Bde. Casualties 1 officer wounded.
1600  2 dets C Troop withdrawn from Putot-en-Auge and support 5 Para Bde at Pont L’Eveque (5204).

23rd – Annebault
1000  A Troop occupied positions around Div. H.Q. in area Beaumont-en-Auge.
2000  B Troop occupied positions in St. Gatien (5210) in support 3rd Para Bde.
2200  A Troop withdrawn to R.V. in area 5110.

24th – St. Gatien
0800  A Troop support 3rd Para Bde in advance on Beuzeville (6309).
1000  C Troop occupy positions around cross roads 603075. Remainder of Battery R.V. in orchard 601078.

25th – Beuzeville
1100  A Troop support 8 Para Bn in area Beuzeville. B and D Troops support Cn and 9th Bns in same area.

26th – Beuzeville
Positions maintained. A.F.Q. 3008 and 3009 rendered.

27th – La Plane
1800  Battery withdrawn to rest in area 545144.

28th – La Plane
Maintenance of equipment carried out and recreation arranged for the Battery.

29th – La Plane
1500  Battery receive notification of Division return to England to re-equip and train.

30th – La Plane
0900  General instruction for return to England issued.

31st – La Plane
0830  Final preparations for return to England commence.

September 1944
1st – La Plane
 Dispatch of Advance Party for return to England. Final preparations for movement of main party.

2nd – La Plane
0800  Move of Main Party to Transit Camp. Night spent on tented Transit Camp. Weather – drizzle.

3rd – Arromanches
0830  Move of Vehicle Party from La Plane.
1400  Main Party marched to embarkation point.
1700  Embarked. The ship lay at anchor of beach all night. Weather – drizzle.

4th – Southampton Roads
0730  T.S.I. sailed. Heavy sea. Overcrowded ship. Reached Southampton water 2130hrs. Main Party

           disembarked 2330hrs and were taken to Transit Camp.

5th – Bulford
  Main Party journeyed by rail from Southampton arriving Bulford 1200. Bty restablished stuff in Bty Area.
1700  Vehicle Party arrived.

6th – Bulford
1800  Reconsitution of Bty. General administrating programme. Weather – fine.

7th – Bulford
1800  Leave detail issued. Preparation for leave.

8th – Bulford
1800  Bty proceeded on leave. On “Q” rear party left behind under Capt. B. W. Salt.

9th – Bulford
  Administrative reorganization by Rear Party. Bty on leave. A.F. 3008 3009 rendered.

10th – 12th - Bulford
  Battery on leave.

13th – Bulford
1800  Bty on leave. Warning order for Unit Mobilization received.

14th – Bulford
  Unit Mobilization Order received. Bty on leave. Bty leave extended till Sept 22.

15th – Bulford
1800  ??? 17 pounders arrived. Bty on leave.

16th – Bulford
1800  Bty on leave. 8 pounders arrived.

17th – Bulford
1800  Bty on leave. Maintenance on new vehicles. Capt. J. E. Madocks and Lt. Dewdney returned.

18th – Bulford
1800  Bty on leave. Maintenance on vehicles and guns.

19th – Bulford
1800  Bty on leave. Lt. J. G. Slater proceeded on leave. Vehicle programme received.

20th – Bulford
1900  Bty on leave. Preparation for their return. Unserviceable vehicles returned to VRD and 10 new jeeps


21st – Bulford
1800  G 1089 ammunition ???. Bty returned from leave.

22nd – Bulford
1800  Reconstitution and Admin Programme.

23rd – Bulford
1800  Reconstitution and Admin Programme.

24th – Bulford
1800  Training programme continuing 6 & 17 pounders.

25th – Bulford
1800  19 M/C’s collected. 6 and 17 pounder gunnery Training Programme.

26th – Bulford
1800  Training ???

27th – Bulford
1800  3 Troops visit School of Artillery for training. Weather – Cold.

28th – Bulford
1800  Further reinforcements join Bty. Admin Conference with CRA regarding G1098 Equipment.

29th – Bulford
1800  Range Practice. 6 and 17 pounders. Blackball Firs. Tendency to aim low with 17 pounders. More

           reinforcements arrive.

30th – Bulford
1800  Still unable to get head and breast sets. Lieut. Steward and Lieut. Macabe arrive.

October 1944
1st – Bulford
0830  Training and mobilization continued.

2nd – Bulford
1045  Bty move to Kimmeridge Ranges (M.R. 3500 Sheet 130).

3rd – Kimmeridge
0830  Range practice.

4th – Bulford
1300  Bty return from KimmeridgeRanges. Maj. J. W. R. Cranmer RA reassumes command of Bty. Maj. J.

           Woodrow RA relinquishes command and assumes duty of Bty Capt. Capt. B. W. Salt RA relinquishes Bty


5th – Bulford
0815  Training continued. Reinforcements arrive.

6th – 12th Bulford
0815  Training continued as per programme.

13th – Bulford
  Training continued. Visit of Brazilian War Minister and Ambassador accompanied by CRA.

14th - Bulford
0800  Training.

15th – Bulford
Battery on weekend leave.

16th – Bulford
0830  Training – 8 modified Portees received.

18th – Bulford
0830  Training.

19th – Bulford
0745  Training – Battery at Tarrant Rushton for glider loading practice.

20th – Bulford
0830  Training.
1400  GOC addressed the Battery at Garrisons Theatre.

21st – Bulford
0830  Training – weekend leave.

22nd – Bulford

23rd – Bulford
0830  Training – Rifle Ranges (Woodyate Range)

24th – Bulford
0930  Training.

25th - Bulford
0830  Training – FiringBlackballFirsRanges (night firing).

26th – 27th - Bulford

28th – Bulford
0830  Firing – Blackball Firs.

November 1944
1st & 2nd – Bulford
0830  Training continued.

3rd – Bulford
0730  Training – firing Blackball Firs.

4th – Bulford
0830  Training.

5th – Bulford
0900  Training. Half holiday.

6th – Bulford
0830  Training.

7th – Bulford
0830  Training.
1430  HQRA Exercise “HUT” in area 5460 Sheet 122.

8th – Bulford
0830  Training

9th – Bulford
0830  Training - HQRA Exercise “BEAR” in area 8354 Sheet 123.

10th – Bulford
0830  Training.

11th – Bulford
0830  Training – weekend leave.

12th – Bulford
0830  Weekend leave.

13th – Bulford
0830  Training – visit by Lt Gen Browning & Maj. Gen Brereton.

14th – Bulford
0830  Training.

15th – Bulford
0930  Training.

16th – Bulford
0830  Training – Conf. E4 “Eve” H.Q. 3 Para Bde.

17th – Bulford
0915  Training – Conf. E4 “Eve” H.Q.RA – op order.

18th – Bulford
0830  Training.

19th – Bulford
0830  Training – half holiday.

20th – Bulford
0800  Ex “Eve” postponed.

21st – Bulford
0800  Ex “Eve”.

22nd – 24th – Bulford
0830  Training.

25th – Bulford
0900  Final Conf. Ex. “Eve” in GarrisonTheatre. Capt J. E. Madocks R.A. temporarily assumes command of the
           Battery vice Major W.R. Cranmer R.A.
1000  Week-end leave.

26th – Bulford
0900  Training and week-end leave.

27th – 30th – Bulford

December 1944

1st – Bulford
  Training. 3 Para Bde ??? fired Redhorn Range.

2nd – Bulford
0830  Training. 3 Para Bde ??? fired Redhorn Range.

3rd – Bulford
0830  Training. 3 Para Bde ??? fired Redhorn Range. Half-holiday.

4th – Bulford
  Training. 3 Para Bde ??? fired Redhorn Range.

5th – Bulford
  Training. 3 Para Bde ??? fired Redhorn Range.

6th – Bulford
0830  Training. 3 Para Bde ??? fired Redhorn Range.

7th – 14th - Bulford
0700  Battery on block leave – one officer and rear party left.

15th – 16th - Bulford
0830  Battery on block leave.

17th – 18th - Bulford
0830  Training.

19th – Bulford
0830  Training.
1230  GOC’s farewell speech.

20th – 21st - Bulford
0830  Training

22nd – Bulford
Preparation of vehicle & marching parties to proceed overseas.

23rd – Bulford
0730  Marching party Departed for Folkestone from Bulford Station arriving 1300.
0800  Vehicle party moved off for Tilbury. One casualty sustaining serious injury to leg.

24th – Bulford & Tilbury & Folkestone
0430  Bulford Vehicle party moved to dock area.
0700  Tilbury Vehicle party embarked less 3 x 3 tonners containing stores and equipment.
1600  Folkestone Marching embarked.

25th – Ostend
1000  Vehicle party disembarked. Stayed at 111 staging Camp. One casualty admitted to CRs with injuries to

           right ankle.
1800  Reported for Heule (Sheet 2 1:250,000 8459) arriving 2200hrs.

26th – Ostend & Heule
1000  Ostend Marching party disembarked and proceeded to Heule.
1900  Heule Advance party proceeded to Namur (Sheet 78 1:50,000 9611).

27th – Namur & Heule
0300  Namur Advanced party arrived. Departed for Denée 1000hrs.
0400  Heule Main party departed for Denée (Sheet 90 1:50,000 8795).
1630  Denée Main party arrived. Battery H.Q. established at Maredesons (Sheet 90 1:50,000 8893).

28th – Denée
0800  B Troop consisting of 4 + 17 pounders departations and deployed at Dinant (Sheet 90 1:50,000 9888).

29th – Denée
Nothing to report.

30th – Denée
0730  Advanced Bty H.Q. established at Givet (Sheet 104 1:50,000 9275).

A & C Troops deployed area Givet.

31st – Denée
1100  D Troop moved up to area Dinant.

January 1945

1st – Dinant
1000  B & D Troop moved up to harbour for night at FOY NOTRE DAME.

1st – Givet
1000  A & C Troop moved up to harbour for night at FOY NOTRE DAME.

2nd – Foy Notre Dame
1130  Battery moved to be deployed as follows:
           B & D Troops in area AUNAIN; C & A Troops in area ROCHEFORT; G Troop attached to bty & deployed in

           area BUISSONVILLE. 
           Battery HQ at FORZÉE.

3rd – Forzée
0830  ‘F’ Troop attached to battery & deployed in area BUISSONVILLE.

4th - Rochefort
0600  A Troop deployed on high ground S of Rocheford.
1000  F Troop deployed in N Rocheford.

5th – Buissonville
1600  G Troop returned to 4 Bty

6th – Forzée
1400  B.H.Q. moved to L’AYE.

6th - Rochefort
1500  A, C Troops moved out. A Troop deployed area HUMAIN. C Troop area L’AYE. F Troop returned to

           command of 4 Bty.
1600  144/91 & 166/91 A/Tk Regt also 196 Bty attached and deployed as follows. 144 Bty in area

           HASSONVILLE; 146 Bty area L’AYE; 196 Bty areas MARLOIE and WAHA.

7th - Aye
1000  C Troop withdrawn from area & deployed area E of HUMAIN.

8th - Aye
Nothing to report.

9th - Aye
1000  D Troop (4 x 6prs) deployed area GRIMBIEMONT. A Troop (2 x 6 prs) to area HOLLOGNE. B & C Troops

           (4 x 17prs ea) to AYE.

10th - Aye
1200  B.H.Q. moved to MARCHE.
1400  D Troop deployed GRIMBEMONT. B & C harbour in MARCHE.
1500  2 x 17pr from C Troop attached D Troop in GRIMBEMONT and deployed.

11th - Marche
0700  B Troop (4 x 17pr) deployed area ROY.
1300  A & C Troops move up to area BANDE to be deployed.

12th - Marche
Troops still deployed. Nothing further to report.

13th - Marche
1500  D Troop (4 x 6prs plus 2 x 17prs) deployed in area LIGNIERES).

14th - Marche
0030  D Troop bombed. No casualties.

15th - Marche
Nothing to report.

16th - Marche
One casualty evacuated to 224 Para Field Ambulance.

17th - Marche
Nothing to report.

18th - Marche
0900  Battery moves to concentration area WALZIN.

19th - Walzin
1200  Two casualties evacuated to CCS NANIP.

20th - Walzin
Nothing to report.

22st - Walzin
0830  Advance party moved to area PANNINGEN.

22nd - Walzin
Nothing to report.

23rd - Walzin
0530  Battery moved to area BERINGEN.

24th – Beringen
Battery stayed during morning area HEIJTHUYZEN.

25th - Beringen

26th – 27th - Heijthuyzen
Nothing to report.

28th - Heijthuyzen
0000  Two 17prs deployed at (a) 795993 (b) 793992 to engage church steeple at 879979 by direct and

           indirect fire respectively.

29th – 31st - Heijthuyzen
Nothing to report.

February 1945
1st – Heijthuyzen
1300  Battery reorganised for Infantry Role and moved to HAELEN. Rear party remained at Heijthyzen.

2nd - Haelen
1700  Two standing patrols sent out in area 7983. Nothing to report.

3rd – Haelen
1700  One standing patrol sent out in area 7983. Nothing to report.

4th – Haelen
1700  One standing patrol sent out in area 7983. Nothing to report.

5th – Haelen
1700  Two patrols sent out in area 7983 & 7883. On escaping. TODTWORKER apprehended and send to Coy

           HQ for interrogation.

6th – Haelen
1700  Two patrols (standing) sent out to area 7783 & 7883. Working party sent out to area 7783.

7th – Haelen
1700  Two standing patrols at wiring point, sent out to area 7783, 7883.

8th – Haelen
1700  Two standing patrols sent out in area 7783, 7883.

9th – Haelen
1700  Two standing patrols sent out in area 7783, 7883.

10th – Haelen
Nothing to report.

11th – Haelen
1203  Inf Coy forms first of composite force to be known as BIRMINGHAM HIGHLANDERS.
1300  Move to BEEGDEN.

11th – Beegden
1830  Standing patrols put out in area BEEGDEN.

12th – Beegden
0630  O/Ps manned continuously from first light.
1830  Standing patrols put out.
2000  Patrol sent out along river bank. Nothing to report.

13th – Beegden
0200  Patrol sent out along river bank. Nothing to report.
1030  One enemy sniped.
1830  Standing patrols put out.

14th – Beegden
1830  Inf Coy reverts to comd of C.R.A. and return to HEIJTHUYZEN less one standing patrol who remain at


15th – Heijthuyzen
1100  Standing patrol form Beegden return to their location.
1400  Two sections of 10 men deployed with mortars.

16th – Heijthuyzen
0800  Advance party left for GHENT.

17th – 18th – Heijthuyzen
Nothing to report.

19th – Heijthuyzen
1000  Two sections form mortar section.
2330  Battery left to proceed to area GHENT.

20th - Meirelbeke
1100  Battery arrived area GHENT and proceeded to MEIRELBEKE.

21st – Meirelbeke
Nothing to report.

22nd – Meirelbeke
0530  Bty vehicle party moved to OSTEND.
1130  Commenced embarking. Completed 1400hrs.
1100  B.C emplaned for U.K.

23rd – Meirelbeke
0900  Marching party left by road and rail for OSTEND.
1530  Vehicle party disembarked TILBURY and left for BULFORD.

24th – Bulford
0400  Vehicle party arrived BULFORD.

25th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

26th – Bulford
0730  Marching party left OSTEND for HAL.
1445  Emplaned for UK
1715  Deplaned at BLAKE HILL FARM.
1900  Arrived BULFORD.

27th – Bulford
Remobilization of unit commenced on WE 1/162/4.

28th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

March 1945

1st – 7th – Bulford
Battery on leave.

8th – Bulford
Battery returned from leave.

9th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

10th – Bulford
Lieut P.R. DEWDNEY RA proceeded on leave.

11th – 13th – Bulford
Nothing to report.

14th – Bulford
1100  Bty moved to KIMMERIDGE practice camp.

15th – Bulford
Bty firing at KIMMERIDGE. Returned 2130 hrs.

16th – Bulford
0200  8 17pdr dets complete u/c LIEUT WILSON moved to TARRANT RUSHTON to be loaded into Hamilcars. LT

           H. G. BARKER joined unit from 65 (WY) Anti Tk Regt R.A.

17th – Bulford
2200  B.C. and 2 I.C. briefed for OP VARSITY. Bty loading veh to flying scale.

18th – Bulford
2200  Preparation and move to transit camp. Coordinating conferences with 6 Bde.

19th – Bulford
2200  Preparation for move to transit camp. Final coordinated conferences with OBLI, Devons & RUR’s.

20th – Shudy Camps
2200  Bty complete less 8 17 pdrs moved to transit camp area SHUDY CAMPS, ESSEX. Arrive 1500 hrs.

21st – Shudy Camps
Troops briefed for OP VARSITY

22nd – Shudy Camps
Briefing and Gliders landed at EARLS COLNE, WOOBRIDGE, GT DUNMOW. Hamilicars flown to advanced airfields.

23rd – Shudy Camps
Briefing for OP and final arrangements.

24th – Earls Colne
0530  Bty moved to 3 airfields.
0700  Employment
0710  Take off. Flew over KENT, N. FRANCE, BELGIUM & HOLLAND. Crossed the RHINE 1030 hrs.

25th – Hamminkeln
1035  BTY HQ and A Tp landed HAMMINKELN. 2 guns only arrived. Objectives taken. Scattered landing. Cas

           heavy. Bty R.V.
1400  B.C. evaded capture. A Troop set up fired. 8 POWs taken. D Tp landed in 3 Bde area. B and C on Div.

           L.Z. Cas heavy. Objectives taken. 6 of 16 guns arrived.
2200  Bty joined by other of its ranks units. All objectives held. Bty HQ with 6 Bde HQ. A Tp take up occupied

           houses. D Tp supported 3 Bde.

26th – Hamminkeln
D Tp moved fwd with 3 Bde. B & C Tp with 5 Bde with 4 Bty. A Tp Hamminkeln area. Adv BHQ moved to 256 466.

27th – 256466
Bty arrives equipped 3 Para Bde. D Tp moved with 8 Bn. B & C moved fwd with 5 Bde. Bty HQ and A Tp from Hammikeln at 0900hrs. 3 Bde relieved 513 Regt Guns harboured 254446. A Tp sup Canadians, D Tp - 8 Bn, B Tp – 9 Bn. Objectives taken before schedule. B Tp had good action with 9 Bn.

28th – Lembeck
2200  Joined by sea party. 3 Bde moved through 5 Bde. ERLE – RHADE – LEMBECK 393498. D Tp with 8 Bn

           landing. Battle at Lembeck. B Tp supp 9 Bn left flanking attack.

29th – Lembeck
2200  Consolidation of Lembeck. A Tp with 1 Cdn Bn. C Tp operationally extinct?.

30th – Greven
2300  Adv to Greven with Tk support. LEMBECK – ICL FEXEN – GR REKEN – COESFIELD – BILLERBECK –

           ALTENBERG – GREVEN. TOA 2300. Approx dist 40 miles. Canadians with A Tp GREVEN.

31st – Greven
  908886. Opposition. 1100 Shelling of BHQ. Enemy hurt - stand to 6 pdr moved over Ems Bridge to

           Dortmund – Ems Canal.

April 1945

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