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War Diary for 4th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery R.A.


June 1944

1st – 5th – Tarrant Rushton

Bty under command 6 Airlanding Bde at Transit Camp.

6th – Ranville
 Recce party landed in area RANVILLE NORMANDY with 12th and 13th Para Bde.
0330  Main glider party arrives 11 guns and 2 ½ ????. Guns into action.
1030  4 S P German guns destroyed.
1400  Forward ATK gun lost, 2 glider pilots and 1 gunner killed and 2 wounded. Sgt Woodridge in attempting

           to rejoin unit lost gun and jeep.

7th – Ranville
Sgt Guest and 3 gunners killed in action. Gun knocked out by German S P which was subsequently knoched out by 17 pdr of 3rd Bty attached to us.

8th – Ranville
B. C. and 1 Tp Commander and glider party reformed Bty after having been landed East of R. Dives at 03.20 hrs 6 June 1944. Bty reverted to HQ RA 6 Airborne Division.

9th – Ranville
  Parachute re-supply – 6 jeeps and 6 x 6-pdr guns. 4 guns supplied to this Bty. 2 detachments come

           under command 1 SS Bde. 14 guns in action. Intense shelling Bty HQ area.

10th – Ranville
  Seaborne forces arrived.

11th - 18th – Ranville
Bty remained deployed. Intermittent mortar and shell fire.

19th - 20th – Ranville
Intermittent mortar and shell fire continues.

21st – 22nd – Ranville
Positions maintained.

23rd – Ranville
Heavy shelling Bty HQ area.

24th – Ranville
Bty remains deployed - heavy shelling Bty HQ area.

25th – Ecarde
  Bty HQ moved to Quarrieat Ecarde. G & F Tp come under command 4 SS Bde in area HAUGER.

26th - 29th – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

30th – Ecarde
Rest area established at RANVILLE. G Tp moved to LE MESNIL under command 3 Para Bde to replace A Tp. 3 ATK Bty withdrawn to rest area.



July 1944


1st – Ecarde
B Troop of 3 ATK Bty relieved.

2nd – 4th – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

5th – Le Mesnil
Positions maintained.

6th – Ecarde
Reinforcements arrive.
Positions maintained.

7th – Le Plein
1400  C Troop of 3 ATK Bty relieved. Capt N. Hunt assumes duties of 2nd in command of Bty.

8th – Ecarde
1200  AFW 3008, & 3009 rendered.

9th – 11th – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

12th – Ranville
0430  Heavy shelling of rest area.
1100  Rest area and rear HQ moved to area 113762 (France1/50000 7 F/2).

13th – 14th – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

15th – Ecarde
1200  AFW 3008 & 3009 rendered.

16th – 21st – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

22nd – Ecarde
1200  AFW 3008, & 3009 rendered.

23rd – 28th – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

29th – Ecarde
1200  AFW 3008, & 3009 rendered.

30th – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

31st – Ecarde
Regrouping – F and G Tps in support of 1 SS Bde and 3 Para Bde South of Le Mesnil X rds. E & H Tps in support of 5 Para Bde RANVILLE area.
August 1944

1st – Ecarde & Hauger
Ecarde    Positions maintained with slight re-arrangement with 3 Airlanding ATK Bty RA.
Hauger   One Troop relieved by tp of 3 Bty.

2nd – Ecarde
Positions maintained.

3rd – 17th – Ecarde
No changes of any consequence. Troops in action in TROARN area.

18th – 21st – Dozulé Road
BHQ moved forward with ?? HQ. Tps un…

22nd – Dozulé Road
Battery moved to 3 Para Bde area.

25th – St. Maclow
BHQ moved forward to St Maclow area.

27th – Equamauville
Bty withdrawn to rest in Equamauville area.

27th – 31st – Equamauville
Programme of maintenance ??? carried out.

29th – Equamauville
Advice received of Division return to UK to re-equip ???

30th – Equamauville
General instruction for return received.

31st – Equamauville
Preparation in hand for return of unit to England.

September 1944

1st – Equamauville
Preparations completed for move to port.

2nd – Equamauville
Marching party moved by road to Transit Camp. Night spent in Transit Camp.

3rd – Arromanche
Marching party embarked on the “Ban-my-Chill”. Vehicle party moved down to port from EQUAMAUVILLE and embarked.

4th – Arromanche
0700  “Ban-my-Chill” sailed. Disembarked Southampton 2200hrs. Vehicle party disembarked Gosport. Night

           spent in Transit Camp.

5th – Southampton
Marching party entrained approx 0900hrs. Arrived Bulford 1200hrs. Vehicle party proceeded by road from Gosport, arriving Bulford 1200hrs.

6th – Bulford
Stables and re-kitting. Checks of equipment for reconstitution. Reorganisation of personnel.

7th – Bulford
Reconstitution proceeds. Preparation for leave in hand.

8th – Bulford
Battery less small rear party proceeded on 10 days leave.

16th – Bulford
Four days extension of leave granted.

17th – Bulford
Bty Capt and L.O. recalled to deal with re-mobilisation of Bty.

18th - 20th – Bulford
Re-mobilisation in progress

21st – Bulford
Bty returns from disembarkation leave.

22nd – Bulford
Re-training commenced.

23rd & 24th – Bulford
Normal training.

25th – Bulford
Normal training. First draft of reinforcements arrived.

26th - 28th – Bulford
Normal training.

29th – Bulford
??? of reinforcements arrived.

30th – Bulford
???. Bty has no deficiencies in personnel, a few deficiencies in equipment.

October 1944

1st – Bulford
& 1830  Battery on Cranbourne Chase Rifle Range.

2nd – Bulford
0830  Battery on Blackball Firs M/R Range.

3rd – Bulford
0830  Normal Training
1400  Move to Kimmidge Range.

4th – Bulford
0830  Firing on Kimmidge Range.

5th – Bulford
0830  Return from Kimmidge.
1400  Stables.

6th – Bulford
0830  Normal training.

7th – Bulford
Church parade and 36hrs leave.

8th – Bulford
Small rear party only in barracks.

9th – 14th – Bulford
Normal training.

15th – Bulford
Admin half-day holiday.

16th – Bulford
Normal training.

1400  Officer ??? to demonstration Hamilcar loading on A.F.D.C.

17th – Bulford
Normal training. ??? starters for 5 Para Bde atk personnel.

18th – Bulford
Normal training & firing at Blackball Firs Atk Range.

1000  Division Command addressed Bty in Garrison Theatre.

19th – Bulford
Admin Day.

20th – Bulford
Hamilcar loading practice on Tarrant Rushton.

21st – Bulford
Church parade & 36hrs leave.

22nd – Bulford
Small rear party only in barracks.

23rd – Bulford
Firing on Blackball Firs Atk Range.

24th – Bulford
Firing on Blackball Firs Range.

25th – Bulford
Stables & firing on Woodgate S.A. Range.

26th – Bulford
Normal training.

27th – Bulford
Inspection and admin day.

28th – Bulford
Bty ??? inspection. Normal training.

29th – Bulford
Half-day holiday

30th – Bulford
Firing on Blackball Firs Atk Range in morning. Stables and admin in afternoon.

31st – Bulford
Party to School of Tank Technology.
1500  Lecture by Lt Gen Browning in Garrison Theatre.
1730  BC and C.R.A.’s conference at 53 Lt Regt R.A.