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2nd Airlanding Light Anti-Aircraft Battery R.A. (T.A.)


On 25th August 1939, 136th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery R.A. (T.A.) was formed at Birkenhead under the command of Major Wilson R.A. This Battery carried out home defence duties until 22nd May 1943 when it was disbanded at Eastbourne.


On 22nd May 1943, 2nd Airlanding Light Anti-Aircraft Battery R.A. (T.A.) was formed at Marlborough Barracks, Bulford, Wiltshire under the command of Major W.A.H Rowat R.A. The Battery's primary function was to provide anti-aircraft defence to 6th Airborne Division.


The War Establishment of the Battery under I/164/1 was 12 officers and 283 other ranks. The Battery was equipped with 18 x  40mm Bofors AA guns and 48 x 20mm Hispanio Suiza AA guns.


The Battery completed mobilization under authority 79/MOB/5774/597(AG.5MOB) on 5th January 1944. From then on the Battery carried out extensive training being allocated seven Horsa gliders to carry 40mm gun detachments and the Battery Headquarters.


Between 8th March and 21st March 1944 the battery carried out live firing at the H & L.A.A. practice camp at Clacton-on-Sea with both the 20mm and 40mm AA Guns. On 26th March 1944 the Battery participated in the pre-6th Airborne Invasion exercise, Bizz II. It had the task of defending Rocket Bridge and Faringdon in support of airborne invasion troops.


The Battery continued training into the next month and on 30th March 1944 received the new Polsten 20mm AA Gun to replace the 20mm Hispanio AA Gun. On the same day 1 officer and 46 Other ranks were detailed for specialised training in the use of enemy equipments.


On 17th May 1944, 4 Officers and 46 other ranks left for the marshalling area in preparation for D-Day. The following day H.M the King visited 6th Airborne Division and inspected the Battery as part of the divisional parade.


On D-Day, 6th June 1944, the Battery provided a detachment in support of 6th Airborne Division. The Detachment remained with the Division throughout the campaign in Normandy, finally returning to the UK on 30th August 1944.


On 1st September 1944 the rest of the Battery prepared to support the 1st British Airborne Corps and 1st Airborne Division in Operation Market Garden. The Battery provided anti-aircraft defence for an airstrip near Grave and for the 1st British Airborne Corps HQ at Nijmagen.


On 24th November 1944 the Battery vacated Marlborough Barracks in Bulford and moved to new quarters at Monkton Farleigh, Corsham Garrison, in Wiltshire.


In the new year of 1945 2nd Airlanding Light Anti-Aircraft Battery R.A. (T.A.) received the War Office notice 20/Misc/2371(AG 6A) disbanding the Battery and coverting it into 5th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery R.A. and 6th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery R.A. The following day (22nd January) 2nd Airlanding Light Anti-Aircraft Battery R.A. (T.A.) reverted to War Office control with immediate effect under authority SD1 G141 of 24th January 1945. The Battery was disbanded.



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